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Do you offer a SLA?

For VPS services, we will ensure that they are available with a 99.9% uptime. If we fall below this level of service, we will refund, or provide credit, for the time lost upon application. For website hosting services, there is no specific SLA, but we still aim for as close to 100% as we can.

You will find that our services are incredibly reliable, with most users only experiencing downtime due to the occasional scheduled maintenance issue or for upgrades. Very rarely are our systems unavailable without notice, and in reality, our VPS service uptime is well above 99.9%.

We aim to resolve any issues that arise in the quickest fashion possible and have employed complex monitoring systems to notify us of any problems.

Please note that no credits will be provided in connection with our SLA promise in the following situations:

  • Circumstances beyond GigaTux's reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of any governmental body, sabotage, fire, flood, strike, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services, virus attacks or hackers.
  • Failure of network availability to the GigaTux network and equipment, unless such failure is caused solely by GigaTux.
  • Scheduled and emergency maintenance and upgrades.
  • Issues elsewhere on the Internet that hinder access to your account.

This answer was last updated on 2012-01-04